Open Facility Management

Open facility management. A successful implementation in a public administration

This book reports an in-depth and close examination of facilities management; it analyzes juridical, organizational and managerial problems that still occur in this field and suggests innovative solutions in a practical and operative way. A new approach to manage facility management services is developed from the analysis of a health agency case study. This method, named Open Facility Management, has been designed considering the experiences of researchers and practitioners in this industry and testing the solutions in the case study. The Open Facility Management is a flexible approach, which can be tailored to every facility management contract, becoming, to all intents and purposes, an evolutionary step in this discipline.



Autore: De Toni A. F. , Ferri A., Montagner M.
Edizione: 2009
Editore: International Facility Management Association (IFMA)
Numero pagine: 209