Men 4.0: Back to the Future

Create value by exploring complexity

In a world that multiplies the levels of variety, variability, interdependencies and degrees of freedom of each, automatisms are essential to make the management of problems more easily codified and predictable fluid and discounted. But they do not replace people, whose creative contribution is essential to manage the levels of complexity exceeding the capabilities of the machines. The men, alongside the automatisms, will therefore have to return to the center of the production scene, using their fluid intelligence, to guide the ongoing transformation. A bit like what happened before the advent of standard, pre-digital mechanization.
Here is the reason for the title of the book "Men 4.0: back to the future". The digital revolution is a journey that opens up new possibilities by rediscovering the symbolic, artistic and professional skills of people who leverage their distinctive creativity and direct, interactive collaboration with others.

Dedicated to people aware that human driven innovation beats digital driven innovation 4 to 0.



Authors: De Toni A. F., Rullani E. (a cura di)
Edition: 2018
Editor: Franco Angeli
Pages: 348
ISBN: 9788891774163