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Research projects

ALBERTO F. DE TONI has developed his scientific activity in the field of Economic-Management Engineering, dealing in particular with the operation management, innovation management and management of complex systems. Over time, it has built a research group in Udine made up of professors and coordinated by the main activities of the Management Engineering Research Laboratory, in which PhD students, postdoctores, research fellows and contractors participated. Scientific activity is concretized in over 300 scientific publications. He has been involved in 39 national and international research projects for a total funding of over 20 million euros, of which over 4 million euros for the University of Udine. He coordinated 6 international research projects, national units of 7 international projects, 18 national projects and local units of 8 national projects.

International projects: project coordination

  1. iBLUE - Investing in sustainable blue growth and competitiveness through 3-Pillar Business Model, 2017-2020, Interreg MED Programme.
  2. COLLECTIVE - Emerging communities for collective innovation: ICT Operational tool and supporting methodologies for SME Associations, 2010-2012, EU - FP7 Research for the benefit of SME associations, Budget: 3,8 M€.
  3. IOM – International Operations Management, 2006-2008, EU – Asia Link programme, Budget: 807.000€.
  4. CREATE - Creative Processes for Enterprise Innovation, 2004-2005, EU – VI FP, Budget: 489.000€.
  5. ISS FOR CHINA - International Sourcing Strategies for China, 2002-2004 EU – Asia IT&C Project, Budget: 190.000€.
  6. ASIA V-CHAIN - Advanced Strategies and tools for Virtual Supply Chain Management in Asia environment, 2002-2004, EU – Asia IT&C Project, Budget: 361.000€.

International projects: unit coordination

  1. COASTENERGY - Blue Energy in Ports and Coastal Urban Areas, 2018-2020, Interreg Italy-Croatia Programme
  2. VALS - Virtual Alliances for Learning Society, 2013-2015, Erasmus+ Programme.
  3. BIFOCAlps - Boosting Innovation in Factory Of the future value Chain in the Alps, 2016-2018, Interreg Alpine Space Programme.
  4. CENTRAL COMMUNITY - Emerging communities for collective innovation in Central Europe, 2012-2014, Central Europe programme, budget: 1,8 M€.
  5. KNOW US - Co-generation of competitive knowledge between Universities and SME, 2010-2014, Interreg Italia-Slovenia 2007-2013, budget: 2,8 M€.
  6. V-CHAIN - Virtual Enterprise for Supply Chain Management, 2001-2003, EU V FP Growth Project, budget: 2,22 M€.
  7. HIGH PERFORMANCE MANUFACTURING, since 1992, in collaboration with prof. Roger G. Schroeder (University of Minnesota) and prof. Barbara Flynn (University of Indiana).

National projects (26)

Project coordinator in 18 research projects and unit coordinator in 8 research projects.