Production management systems

The book develops production management in manufacturing companies. The volume is divided into three classic areas relating to the governance of operations: production strategy, production systems, production planning and control. In addition to the typical contents of the discipline, the text offers many innovative themes. We mention a few. The production models inspired by the Toyota Production System are interpreted according to a unitary scheme that highlights their specificity and affinity. The planning lists aimed at ensuring consistency between the production plans are also described. An effective comparison between push and pull systems of scheduling and production handling is achieved thanks to numerous differentiating distinctive variables. Innovative materials management techniques such as Just in Sequence (JIS) and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) are then presented. The volume is aimed primarily at students of university courses of an economic and managerial nature present in the study courses of the Schools of Engineering, Economics, Statistics, etc. The book is designed to be used also by students of post-graduate courses and Masters in Business Administration (MBA), executives, managers and management consultants who wish to deepen the topic of production management systems. On the dedicated website, teachers and students will find references for access to a business game, an innovative web-based simulation tool for managerial training.

Dedicated to people who know how to interpret and manage change.



Authors: De Toni A. F., Panizzolo R.
Edition: 2018
Editor: ISEDI
Pages: 469
ISBN: 9788880083825