Evolutionary vision

A journey between men and organizations, strategic management and complexity

Living means traveling. And the journey that the reader is invited to undertake is between management and complexity, between dreams, values ​​and relationships of men and organizations. Guided by an anthropocentric vision of business creation and development, the authors consider the entrepreneurial dream, shared values ​​and networks of relationships as basic elements for building successful business models. The process of development of organizations is then configured as the search for possible trajectories between continuity and discontinuity, between creation and sharing, in a controlled imbalance on the brink of chaos. Thus a strategic management model is proposed called the "edge of chaos model", innervated in a theory of business organization called "evolutionary vision", which places man's imagination and co-evolution phenomena at the basis of the economic development processes. The work is enriched by the feedback of the experience of ten businessmen, who tell stories, dreams, strategies, goals, values, relationships and territories.

Dedicated to the visionaries who realize themselves in creating.



Authors: De Toni A. F., Barbaro A.
Edition: 2010
Editor: ETAS 
Pages: 443
ISBN: 9788845316130