Social networks are changing the way we work, but are also changing our organizations, our businesses. Cloud-based IT technologies and social media are creating new "liquid" organizational models which will increasingly imply the ability to manage freedom: communities emerge as new embryonic organizational forms; crowdsourcing solutions as business practices; Facebook-like functionalities in the office are getting increasingly popular, data and information flow in and out the organization, while employees post queries and comments freely sharing their knowledge; and are having fun. 
Is it an experience that will last? opinions may diverge but social networks will have for sure significant implications for the companies in the future. The ebook shows how the new "liquid organization" can open useful paths "social media innovation" which can produce greater value for the enterprise, but also enrich the motivation of the people involved.
The on-going change is presented in 3 main chapters. Chapter 1 provides a description of the social networks' impact in the business. Chapter 2 deals with the present and future social media technology trends and their impact on the business organisation, while Chapter 3 includes the presentation of original and recent cases of how Public Administrations all around the world are investing in and testing the social media in their processes. 



Authors: Furlani A., Lutman F., Angelici G.
Edition: 2013
Editor: Franco Angeli Edizioni
Pages: 84
ISBN: 978-8856859553