An unusual young man

The road to Italy. From the retreat from Russia to the rebirth of democracy

In this engaging autobiography Ferdinando Pascolo tells his tale of extraordinary human endeavour. As a soldier in the Russian campaign, his remarkable deeds ensured the survival of thousands of people. After 8 September 1943 he became a partisan, using the name of 'Silla'. He was captured and became a prisoner in via Spalato in Udine. He remained in prison here until the prison governor aided his escape to prevent the Nazi police from interrogating and torturing him for the secrets of the activities of the National Liberation Committee.  It was as 'Silla' that he tackled the partisans in Gemona del Friuli, and managed to prevent the abuse of prisoners and the setting of scores in his home town. In all his adventures he was never driven by political ideologies but by a true sense of altruism, and this is the reason his view of the events of this period is different from many "official" versions. After a first edition in Italian, the volume is translated into English, the project 'Humanity inside the war' ( is dedicated to him.



Author: Pascolo F.
Translators: Caporale S., Gilmour C.
Edition: 2019
Editor: Forum Edizioni
Pages: 171
ISBN: 9788832831351




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